With over a decade of experience, we help businesses transform and thrive in today’s ever-changing technological landscape.


Our Approach

End-to-end involvement

We help drive the project forward at every stage: from requirements gathering to post go-live improvement. We eliminate bottlenecks, identify pain points, and streamline the project within your organization.

Customized solutions

Our fully-integrated approach works to understand your business needs first and foremost. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach here: we adapt to your unique goals, pain points, and organizational structure.

Creating industry leaders

We empower our clients to be on the forefront of technological change: helping to streamline processes, scale, and execute on business goals faster.

Cloud Architecture

Want to build a serverless architecture or improve site reliability? From AWS to private cloud, we optimize your cloud computing requirements.

Remote Workforce

The trend is clear: the future of work is remote. Ensure your team is equipped for success through software solutions, remote user VPNs, VPN tunnels, and more.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

Whether you’d like to implement a payroll system or integrate with a collaboration tool, we make sure your SaaS systems are set up for success. 

Professional Services

From technology strategy to agile project management, our professional service experts can plan and execute on your next tech project.


Reduce risk and ensure your organization is secure against cyberattacks, breaches, and more. We right-size security controls to your needs.

Managed Services

Operating as a natural extension of your team, we help you scale without internal hiring. IaaS, End User Support, Station Deployment, and more.


The Process

We work with your team every step of the way.
Starting with requirements gathering and project planning, we map out a solution that all key stakeholders align on.
From there, our team spearheads tech configuration, integration, data loading, and cutover planning.
After a successful deployment, we can help train your team on internal use and utilize early feedback to improve upon the new solution.

Sarah Parker

“The DORIAN Group has been a great resource for us. Not only did they have experience with knowing the product and how to integrate it, but they are extremely organized. They’re not afraid to pull the right resources, make requests, and facilitate what needed to be done. Their leadership and expertise got us to where we are today, and they coordinated tremendous tasks across multiple teams, multiple siloes which can be incredibly difficult.”

Jeff Dawson

“The DORIAN Group is so easy to work with. They’re not afraid to tell you what needs to be done and to really disrupt an old, outdated way of doing things. They went above and beyond isolated projects, to really identify other areas that we could improve our operations. They focused on improving our systems overall, rather than staying limited to a particular project or scope.”

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