Revenue Generation

Whether you’re considering implementing a new system, customizing an existing system, or building better integrations, our rapid, iterative methodology, developed with years of experience will get the project moving and the results you want quickly.  


We move efficiently through our structured Agile process to gather requirements, prioritize key deliverable, and actively drive each project to your satisfaction.  

Requirements Gathering

Identify key stakeholders, goals & risks.  Gather requirements from diverse teams, consolidate & prioritize key objectives.

Project Management

Drive project steering committee, continually track progress, set target dates & priorities, and communicate completed items.

Configuration Management

Prep production & test environment configurations, workflows, and customization.  Test, validate with stakeholders, and iterate until you are happy.

Integration Management

Identify opportunities to further streamline your business with best of breed 3rd party integrations.  Design, implement, and test all integrations.

Data Loading

Extract data from source systems, clean, transform, and load.  Work hand-in-hand with steering committee to ensure loaded data is validated in target system.


Employ “Train the Trainer” & end user training materials tailored to your business.  Deploy all developed materials to your intranet for future staff on-boarding.

Cut-over Planning

Plan and manage risk around go-live process.  Define communication, support channels and triage process.

Post Go-Live Continual Improvement

Source opportunities for on-going improvement directly from steering committee and end-users.  Regularly prioritize continual improvement and drive completion through existing project structure.

Supported Systems

  • Financial
    • Netsuite
    • Shopify E-Commerce
    • Gusto Payroll
    • Stripe Payment Processing
  • CRM
    • Salesforce
  • Collaboration
    • G Suite
    • Office 365
    • Slack