SaaS Implementations

Are you implementing a new system, enhancing an existing one, or integrating a newly acquired organization? Refined over years of experience, our rapid, iterative methodology will get your project moving and the results you want quickly.

Through our structured Agile process, we move efficiently to gather requirements, prioritize key deliverables, and actively drive each project to your satisfaction.


Implementation Process

Requirements Gathering

Identify key stakeholders, goals & risks. Gather requirements from diverse teams, then consolidate & prioritize key objectives.

Project Management

Drive a project steering committee, continually tracking progress. Set target dates & priorities, and communicate completed items.

Configuration Management

Prep production & test environment configurations, workflows, and customizations. Test & validate with stakeholders, then iterate until you’re happy.

Integration Management

Identify opportunities to further streamline your business and integrate with best of breed, 3rd party applications. Design, implement, and test all integrations.

Post Go-Live Continual Improvement

Source opportunities for ongoing improvement directly from steering committee and end-users. Regularly prioritize continual improvement, and drive completion through existing project structure.

Cut-over Planning

Plan and manage risk around go-live process. Define communication, support channels, and triage process.

Data Loading

Extract data from source systems, clean, transform, and load. Work hand-in-hand with your steering committee to ensure data in the target system looks great.


Develop training materials tailored to your business. Employ “Train the Trainer” and train your staff until they are comfortable. Deploy all developed materials for future staff onboarding.

Suppported Systems


  • Netsuite
  • Gusto Payroll
  • Shopify E-Commerce
  • Stripe Payment Processing


  • Google Workspace
  • Office 365
  • Atlassian
  • Slack

Travel & Expense

  • Concur Travel & Expense
  • Expensify


  • Salesforce
  • Netsuite CRM

Business Intelligence

  • Tableau

M&A System Integrations

The DORIAN Group specializes in M&A and general system integrations for enterprise organizations.

After an acquisition, it’s critical that technical gaps are reconciled quickly in order to hit organizational ROI targets and extract full value from the acquisition. Yet poor data integration practices are a major reason for why 70-90% of mergers fail. Even without a high-stakes merger, data silos in individual departments hinder an organization’s ability to function collaboratively.

The DORIAN Group can help streamline your post acquisition integration and create fluidity between departments.


Salesforce/Netsuite Integration

Connecting Salesforce’s CRM tools to Netsuite’s ERP system allows for better alignment between sales & finance teams and across the entire lead-to-cash process.

Integration Benefits

  • Improve accurate and timely billing processes
  • Reduce financial reporting effort
  • Reduce month-end reconciliation time
  • Manage inventory with bi-directional updates across both platforms
  • Synchronize Customer, Sales Order, and Invoice data between systems
  • And more..


System Integration: Proven 4
Step Approach

Gather business flow requirements

We conduct meetings with key stakeholders to collect system processes and detailed business requirements.

Map data fields

Data maps are developed for key systems to ensure clean movement between data models.

Develop custom functions:

The integration is optimized for the client’s specific business needs.

Implement & Test

Integration is conducted using a trusted partner, Celigo’s connector tool. Integrations are modeled in sandbox environments before client sign-off, then rolled out to production.

Post-integration, The DORIAN Group works in conjunction with clients to ensure the integration process is running smoothly.


After a successful system integration, clients benefit from clean data alignment across departments and organizations. This positively affects customer satisfaction, saves time, and increases ROI.

Successful integrations can dramatically accelerate your operations and optimize workflows, allowing organizations to scale efficiently.